Introducing Wilton Farm

Posted by theglobeinn on September 22, 2017

Supermarkets in many ways are great, we have access to different food types all year round, an abundance of bananas, apples and other fruits and vegetables (even when they are out of season) but does that mean we have lost our connection with how things are grown and where are food comes from?

Certainly, many good restaurants and pubs, including ourselves have been promoting the use of local produce.  We’ve particularly found that the quality is much better and it is more environmentally friendly to buy locally; and from a taste point of view, you can’t beat fresh in season vegetables, meats and fish.

That’s why with the menu that our team launched earlier this year, we were keen to ensure that we used as much local produce as possible.  One of those suppliers is Wilton Farm, a working family and Holiday Camp at South Pool.

Head Chef at The Globe Inn, Chris Hannaford, said: “Working with suppliers like Wilton Farm enables us to ensure the quality of our food, because when you have good ingredients it enhances the flavours and ultimately the meals enjoyed by our customers.”

Wilton Farm have been supplying fruit and vegetables to the South Hams area for over 20 years and they boast over 200 products in their range.

Chris continued: “The initiatives like plough to plate and field to fork, are great at reigniting our connection between where our food comes from and for educating the public, something which I fear has been lost over the supermarket years.  As a chef, knowing that all the produce we receive is fresh and comes from a sustainable, environmentally friendly supplier, it makes all the difference.”

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