Introducing our butcher

Posted by theglobeinn on October 6, 2017

We are talking local produce again this week and with that the benefits that buying local brings, especially when it comes to providing good British pub food.  At The Globe Inn, we are surrounded by some amazing suppliers and this week our focus is on Durrants the traditional family butchers, one of our key suppliers.

Durrants are based in Devon  and running for seven generations, for Head Chef Chris Hannaford, that speaks for itself: “To be farming for so long and producing such high-quality meat, clearly demonstrates on why Durrants are one of our suppliers.

“We know that they take pride in their butchery and that we will only get the best final product from their hand reared and organic meats.  This in turn means we can offer the very best winter roasts, our famous Globe Inn burger along with some tantalising specials.”

Scientific studies have shown that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Food that is frozen or canned soon after harvest is more nutritious than some "fresh" produce that has been on the truck or supermarket shelf for a week. Locally grown food, purchased soon after harvest, retains its nutrients.

Chris continues: “That’s the reason we deem buying local as so important to our flavours and our menu.  When you order food from our kitchen we want you to taste the freshness and that only comes with produce which is grown, picked or reared locally.” 

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